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Sunny Leone's 'Ragini MMS 2' stays true to its g

Film: Ragini MMS 2
Director: Bhushan Patel 
Cast: Sunny Leone, Parvin Dabas, Sandhya Mridul, Karan Mehra, Saahil Prem 
Rating: ***
What's it about 
Early on in the first half, we are told that Ragini MMS 2 is a 'horrex' (horror+sex) film! And the makers leave no stone unturned to make sure it proves to be one. 
Picking up from its prequel, the second chapter begins with Ragini being locked up in an asylum. Parvin Dabas plays a director wanting to make a film based on her story with Sunny Leone as the lead. 
His idea is to shoot at the same location where the supernatural incident took place. A writer working on the project senses something is wrong. What follows is lots of skin show, some genuinely spooky moments and a climax that surprisingly doesn't fall flat!
What's hot 
Thankfully Ragini MMS 2 has a solid backstory to fall back on which plays itself quite well in the second half. Not falling in the trap of letting the cliches get the better of them, the writers have managed to put together an interesting history to the happenings in the house. 
Also the references to the first film and characters help in setting up the right mood. Production values in terms of paying attention to the make up and VFX are top notch. 
Despite the inspiration from Western horror shows and films, Patel manages to make those scenes his own. Those wanting to see Sunny in all her splendour and 'more' won't be disappointed! 
Surprisingly Leone manages to show a spark of brilliance in a scene where she parodies herself and fakes an orgasm! The idea of letting her play herself as opposed to someone else works in the film's favour. 
Baby Doll and Chaar Botal Vodka have already topped the charts and add to the sizzle quotient on the big screen. Karan Mehra as a self-obsessed TV actor is hilarious! 
Using sarcasm and letting the characters have a laugh at themselves was a wise move in bringing in the humour in an otherwise dark plot. Also fans of American Horror Story will be pleasantly impressed by the opening credits which have been majorly inspired by the cult mini-series.
What's not 
Creaking doors, muffled voices in the corridor and jarring background music might work in a Ramsay film, but it only stifles whatever little progress Ragini makes on the scare-o-meter. 
Sandhya Mridul's caricature act of playing a C grade starlet gets annoying after a while. Also Sunny's track with Saahil seemed abrupt, especially when the need to break into a sultry rain song arises out of nowhere! 
Divya Dutta's doctor act falls through in the climax when she, like every other catalyst in a horror film, resorts to chanting some mantras to resolve the possession. 
Dialogues aren't written to win a Pultizer so expect to be baffled at some of the lines! ('tum porno se Rituporno kab ban gayi?')
What to do 
Whether you are a Sunny Leone fan or not, Ragini MMS 2 still manages to raise a few scares and stay true to its genre.

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